вторник, 26 април 2016 г.

Paris, France– April 5th, 2016: The MARKET is a powerful option and DAY TRADERS are constantly looking for a way to get the BEST TRADING SIGNALS.

VOLAMETRIX-TRADING has created a platform to give a head’s up on the TRADING SYSTEMS through the use of an ALGORITHM. The ASSET DAX30 will help traders to make PROFIT MORE FREQUENTLY.

The algorithm that VOLAMETRIX-TRADING provides will make it easy for DAY TRADERS in scalping CFD’s like Dax30. If it make available the information that is required to be able to speculate effectively. It will also help the trader to make more profits on smaller price changes. It is A MUST for a strict exit strategy- “money management,” to be utilized while making use of this trading system.

The algorithm developed by VOLAMETRIX-TRADING is AVAILABLE FOR RENT, and the trading signals are made available THROUGH SCREEN SHARE. This will enable everyone to maintain a subscription to have access to the algorithms while MAKING PROFIT FROM IT DAILY.

Money management is important to our clients and access to the algorithm makes it easier for people to make better decisions regarding their trading system of choice,” says VOLAMETRIX-TRADING’s spokesperson. The screen access provides instant information through WEBEX. The code is made available every morning and it creates the start to a trading day. Also, the signals are in real time. The company also offers a GUARANTEE of an EXTENDED SUBSCRIPTION provided the algorithm doesn’t make profits.

VOLAMETRIX-TRADING is into the making, sales and renting of algorithms through screen sharing. It specializes in the analysis of, and live feed of various trading signals. The subscriptions are available in various packages. They are ideal for anyone that makes use of the stock market. The subscriptions are available in weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual packages. They provide access to the DAX trading platform.



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